The Good Commissioner (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

When he learns that the owner is the companion of a dominant local politician, he becomes distrustful and decide to examine the property himself. Located at the center of a woods, completely inaccessible to transport, and far from police headquarters, it becomes clear that the land acquisition is designed only to make someone loaded at the expense of the district. The actual needs of the district- wean local youth away from secessionist militancy, prevent malaria, enhance literacy, invest in employment programs, and to provide safe drinking water -are upset.

The Good Commissioner (A) case study solution

The administrator determines to procrastinate the acquisition, even while realizing his systems to help the district, and that the effort may put his career in a risky position. The case recount his increasing strategies, from bureaucratic trickery to purposeful destruction and deceit of a government document. It provides a vehicle for discussing the ethical responsibilities of public officials confronted with systemic corruption-and possible strategies for coping with it. HKS Case Number 1888.0.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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The Good Commissioner (A)

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