Managing Virtual Teams (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

During his time there, he had worked on and managed various cross-functional teams. When he was given the chance to to manage a team that was spread across five continents, Henderson was assured that with a little basis, he could manage perfectly and deliver on time as he had always done. Due to a current amplification in the number of violations into business networks by hackers, Metrionic's vice president needed the team to develop the next-generation network security merchandise for IT professionals.

Sophisticated security devices that could prevent any further attacks were being sought by businesses. For the first time in his life, Henderson had to contemplate the various aspects of handling a team virtually. Pupils can be given a role to play from the virtual team, after reading the case. They must decide the way to carry on in the first conference call. Moreover, the Henderson part must consider issues, including how to create and manage the communication across the globe.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Managing Virtual Teams (A)

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