Gazprom (B): Energy and Strategy in a New Era Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

President Putin openly stated that Gazprom, the biggest natural gas company on the planet, was a strong political lever of the Russian state in the world and a keystone in the foundation of the country's energy security.

The case explores how in 2000-2008 Gazprom's management has pursued the strategy defined by the politicians. Gazprom's notable growth strategy seen diversification of products, markets, transportation routes, and modes of delivery. The challenges were formidable: substantial investment needs, a possibility of a production shortfall, and a persistent problem with the transportation system state of Ukraine, to name some. In fact, the ambitiousness of Gazprom completely revealed the ambitiousness of Russia characteristic of the Putin era, as a whole.

PUBLICATION DATE: August 26, 2008 PRODUCT #: 709009-PDF-ENG

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Gazprom (B): Energy and Strategy in a New Era

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