Mediated: How the Media Shapes your World and the Way you live in it Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The book Media Shapes your World and the Way you live in it is written by Thomas de Zengotita that holds the Ph.D. degree in anthropology from Columbia University. He is the short stories writer and contributing editor at Harper’s Magazine.

In addition to this, he is also a motivating teacher at The Dalton School and also teaches the Draper Graduate Program at University of New York. Furthermore, Media Ecology Association awarded him the Marshall Mcluhan Award in 2006 for writing Mediate: How the Media Shapes Your  World and the Way you live in it.

How the Media Shapes Your World and the Way you live in, it is a non-fiction and impressive book that is published by the Bloomsbury in the year 2005.This book is about the influence and power of the media to the people as well as on their lifestyle in the Western world. Additionally, this book describes the means media forms, each aspect of peoples' lives and also examines the increasing influence of the media in the daily life of the people that include every medium of media ranging from blogs, modern world of journalism to the television reality.

Mediated known to all the things that people did not value much and bring these things into effect again as the people face them for the first time in their life. In addition to this, people after reading this book would identify unimaginable moments that they have never experienced in just a few pages of the book.

The media greatly affect our lives as the roles we play in our daily life are hugely influenced by the media. However, the media have enhanced the reach of the people. Thomas de Zengotita in this book emphasizes on the progress of media in the societies instead of providing the effective solution that would help in order to change and improve the too much rust of the media around the people.

The Mediated by the author provides the reader an amazing feeling and takes them on the tour of every division of modern media saturated society. These include from the funeral of Princess Diana's to the prospect mass terror, high school cliques to marital therapy, and blogs to reality TV. The effects of the mediated are personal as well as at the similar time are far reaching.

Summary of Book Highlights

The main idea of the Media Shapes Your World and the Way you live in it Book is to create and build the awareness among the people about the influences of the different media mediums that directly and indirectly impact the mind of the people and their decision making power.

However, the key concept of the Mediated by the Thomas de Zengotita is “how the media upsets the lives of the people and the way they live in it. The book determines that most of the people are unaware about the significant role that media play in their lives in different ways and those people who realize its significance in their lives they know it in a very limited way.

The book covers the topics that describe the ways and methods in which the media affect the current culture of the people in the society and how continuous bombardment impacts the choices, and the replies of the people that influences the decision making abilities and capabilities.

The most important theme that include in the Book is the description about this “new emerging world of media” in detail. In addition to this, it's perceived that the life of the people is impacted and shaped by the power of the more speedily and fast technology development as well as rapid spread of the new media all around the world.

The Mediated of the Thomas de Zengotita is a worthy addition to the ongoing struggle to the postmodern. Additionally, first four chapters of the book include most interesting and also though provoking topics included that postmodern culture is all about people. The author Thomas de Zengotita discuss that everyone in the world is surrounded by the flattering arena of characterized options.

This means that the media have created the flattery field that provides the people opportunity to construct their decisions based on the limited options. The author has started his work with the Marshall McLuhan who is consider the analyst of the digital era and according to him the electronic media is just the extension of the man that changed the lives and self- identity of the people as well as steadily changed the  all world. The Thomas de Zengotita applied these insights to everything that ranging from Harry Potter to the Bill Clinton’s penis.............................

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