Franklin Templeton India: The Cash Holding Dilemma Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Franklin Resources Inc. is one of the greatest and most respected international fund houses with a presence in India. The case emphasizes the structure, investment philosophy and procedure of its fund management team in India. The case presents the specific problem of fund managers holding substantial sums of money during market downturns. There's one school of thought that attributes better risk and lower volatility-adjusted yields with high cash holdings.

The other school of thought believes this strategy goes against the philosophy of investment management. A fund should be nearly completely invested or completely invested. The chief investment officer at Franklin Templeton India is of the 2nd school of thought and is confronted with the challenge of convincing a team of managers and young analysts of its own soundness. He requests them to analyze performance during periods of market declines as a way to arrive at a decision and presents a set of information to this team.


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Franklin Templeton India: The Cash Holding Dilemma

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