Mattson Project Delta (A): A New Recipe For Innovation Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-3-1628 © 2005
Robertson, David; Crawford, Robert J.

Mattson; situated in Silicon Valley; California; is an independent designer of brand-new items for the food and drink market. Mattson develops; establishes; and brings to market brand-new drinks; treats; frozen meals; and lots of other food and drink items as a specialist to the huge manufacturers in the market. To check brand-new approaches of establishing items; Gundrum produces a contest-- to establish a much better cookie - and commissions 3 groups: one utilizing Mattson's conventional hierarchical group structure; one utilizing open source (OS) advancement; and a 3rd utilizing severe shows (XP).

2) Problem fixing (internal generation of brand-new responses to issues) and option finding (external expedition for existing options to issues) can each be important in various circumstances and at various phases in the innovation life cycle. 4) Prototyping can be used not simply for brand-new items; however brand-new structures and procedures for innovation.

Subjects: Innovation; Product development; Food; Contest; Open innovation; Open source; Extreme programming
Settings: USA; Food and beverage (F&B); 70+ employee-owners; 2005

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Mattson Project Delta (A): A New Recipe For Innovation

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