Ford Motor Co.: Dealer Sales and Service Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The so-as Henry Ford founded Ford Motor Co, Ford vehicles were sold and serviced the so-same. By the end of the 1980s, Ford began to consider changes in its sales and service process. Two events forced to Ford, to reconsider these processes. The first, Ford found via the various surveys, so that clients were very clear-cut complaints over the failure, how they were treated autodealers. Second, with a more rapid transfer of technology among automakers, product differentiation has been reduced. In such a way, channels out of distribution of under the condition, one of the definitive of potential points of out of differentiation between the carmakers. This case gives students the all the conclusions from the study Ford made, and requests them rebuild the sales and service of the review process customer complaints and to become a a point of differentiation Ford. "Hide
by Leonard A. Schlesinger, All Pelofsky Source: Harvard Business School 21 pages. Publication date: 22 Nov, 1989. Prod. #: +690030- PDF-ENG

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Ford Motor Co.: Dealer Sales and Service

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