Sandcore Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Sandcore Case Study Solution

Action Plan

The actions taken by the management were good but it did not helped them, their every move were going against their way and Gordo was not willing to change himself, he was continuously giving losses but they still wanted Gordo to improve himself as he was a human asset to the company but they were not able to extract the real issues that Gordo was facing which led his behavior to change and his financials to decline.

Gordo’s performance measurement chart was portraying a positive image of Gordo, but it was urging him to improve himself being a team player, as he upsets his co-workers and customers, his is also sometimes too stubborn and doesn’t accept the commands of the management due to his weak listening skills as well as his lack of following the management’s instructions.


If I were Wolf, Iwouldn’t terminate Gordo instead I’ll give excessive training to him, and give him personal counselling so that his performance can be improved, and he performs better in the future. His behavior is although not acceptable and nor his performance, but if we terminate him; we will lose a good employee or there will be a fear that he will dispute his dismissal. There must be some issues that may be bothering him from giving his full potential, so first step is to train him and if he performs unsatisfactory then there will be the need for a termination without cause.


Sandcore is a company that operates through good quality products and strong distribution network. It has a management system that works through heirarchy system and provides its employees personal counselling and training. The organization has developed a PCP (performance correction procedure) system for its employees so that they can measure their performance and keep themselves upto date. Employees in the organization are provided with excessive traning so that they can maintain their target sales, build good relationship with their customers and increase the profit of the organization. In order for Sandcore to maintain its market share and growth it need to focus on its employees and there should be no communication gap in between the top management to the bottom level management..............


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