Harrahs Entertainment Inc. Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Describes the situations in which Philip Satre, chairman and chief executive officer of Entertainment Harrah, Inc Satre read May 2000 Wall Street Journal story that discussed the marketing success of the orientation of low rollers, 100% increase in share price and profit in the year December 1999 and earnings growth of 50%, which is well ahead of the industry. Exciting articles aroused desire Satre, to know more about the activities of his then chief operating officer, Gary Loveman, and his team, "propeller head" to refer to their database marketing efforts and shared rewards program. Satre was interested in two questions: He wanted to know how these marketing efforts have contributed to the overall performance of Harrah and whether these marketing results were one-time events, or can be achieved from year to year, especially in a competition introduced similar programs.
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by Rajiv Lal, Patricia Martone Carrolo Source: HBS Premier Case Collection 27 pages. Publication Date: October 25, 2001. Prod. #: 502011-PDF-ENG

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