Business Leader as Steve Jobs Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Business Leader as Steve Jobs Case Solution


The admiring character is chosen the “Steve Jobs” as the business leader who provides the perfect template to deliver the customized microcomputer revolution. The Steve Jobs born on February 24, 1955 and died on October 5, 1955. He was an inventor and technology entrepreneur and CEO and co-founder of Apple Inc. and Pixar Animation Studio.

This research highlights about how it is critical for such a leaderto be clear about the focal point. The Steve Jobs was the charismatic leader who managedhis style of customization based on the different situations by using the mix of influential strategies and used his abilities in each situation by using different types of right tools that make his products successful. He has proved to be the best leader because of following three strategies such as ethos (as the Jobs credibility), pathos (Jobs utilization of emotions and sentiments and logos (the degree of using logical assumptions).

Steve Jobs, the originator of Apple and Pixar is considered as a notable pioneer who abstracted the Macintosh PC, a PC for the masses. He went ahead to make the music players and cellular telephones that everybody cherished, and his little cellphones were pressed with so much processing power, they worked like miniature Macs.

His inventions were spread to retail and media industries that led to moving the Apple ecosystem to the web. The demand for Apple increased and the company is treated as the market leader due to the adoption of Steve Jobs strategies.

A short History:

He was born in SanFrancisco and he was an adopted son of the Jobs family in California. He started his early education from the Hewlett-Packard School lectures. In 1976, he started his first company the Apple Inc. with Steve his partner; he met in the school lectures. In 1984, he developed Macintosh, which was the first graphic interface computer, after taking some bad decision led to leave the own company. Then he joined NeXT and Pixar Company which was then acquired by the Apple Inc. After that, apple computers get the rise in the market by developing iPod and iPhones and reformed the hand phones and MP3 industry. Then finally in 2009, Jobs had the personal income of $ 5.1 billion and due to a liver transplant he used to take the leave from work in January 2009. Then, in October 2011, he died due to a respiratory problem that was related to the metastatic tumor.

Importance of the title and interesting points:

The significance of selecting the Steve Jobs as the business leader is his unique managerial style that includes: Entrepreneur spirit; increase the interest of people in technology and open minded who always anticipate meeting the consumers’ needs and demands.

Along with this, his leadership style of authoritarian, democratic, transactional, inspirational and laissez-faire that shows the combination of adopting different sets of styles and to use in different situations that depending on the forces involved in between the supporters, leaders, and situations.

The interesting thing that I found to choose this topic is that the Steve Jobs was an adopted child and secondly, his salary was only $ 1 since he returned to the post of CEO in 1997 and he suffered from the cancer; in spite of having such troubles he never compromised with his vision and traits to achieve the stated target.

I chose Steve Jobs as my business leader because I like Apple products and its quality and always wanted to learn his characteristics and styles of leading others, which would enable me to understand how Steve Job ran the Apple Company when he was alive.................

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