Fate of the Vasa Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Fate of the Vasa Case Solution

It was Sweden's most expensive naval vessel. On its maiden voyage, the boat sailed in its own seaport, listed yards 1,400 over then sank. to the side, and One third of officers and the 150 crew were killed. An inquiry was convened to confirm the origin of the catastrophe, with testimony taken from, among others, its officers, the boat's captain, the boat's designer, and those responsible for its building. No one was found guilty of neglect. The answer lies in the constant changes requested by the king, who was fighting in the Baltic, the state of understanding of shipbuilding of the time, and the resultant experimental nature of the layout.

This is just an excerpt. This case is about  TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

PUBLICATION DATE: August 10, 2004

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Fate of the Vasa

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