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Basically correlation is the dependence of any statistical relationship that develops between two random variables or even two data sets. Correlation is also referred to as a broad class that is a relationship which involves dependence. The dependent phenomenon basically helps in correlating amongst the physical statures of the two involved parties. Correlation has been a useful aspect or element that helps in predicting relationship that is exploited by the other one.

An example, to explain the concept further is the electric utility that might produce less power on a mild day was solely based on the correlation between the demand and supply. A causal relationship can be extremely substantial it is not sufficient to help in demonstrating the overall relationship.

Along with this, the dependence basically has been referring to the situation where random variables have been unable to satisfy the mathematical condition of probabilistic dependent. In other words, correlation can be a departure of more than two random variables within dependence.

One Way Anova

As per statistics, one way is Anova of variance is basically a technique that has been used to compare the means of two or more samples which is F distribution. This technique has been used only for numerical data. The Anova test has helped in testing the null hypothesis with a group of two or more than drawn populations with the similar mean variables. Along with this, two estimates have been made to actually analyze the population variance.

Anova also produces an F statistic which is the ratio of variance that helps in calculating the mean to the variance within a specific particular sample. Also, if the group mean for the population with the same mean value the actual variance between all the groups should become lower than the variance samples. A higher ratio therefore, implies that the samples were drawn from populations with different mean values. Typically, the one way Anova has been used for the difference which exists among different groups which is also covered through a T test.

Cross Tabs

The contingency table in stats is a type of a table which is also a matrix format that has been displaying the frequency distribution of all the variables. It is also used heavily in survey research, engineering, scientific, business intelligence and the overall survey. It also provides the basic picture of the interrelation that has come between two variables which also helps in interacting amongst them. Cross tabs is a contingency table which has been sued by Karl Pearson which is a multivariate statistic which has helped in finding a dependent structure underlying the variables that has contained high dimensional tables. Along with this, in order to use the theory of cross tabs it has been helping in distributing probability which also has expressed the contingency tables and the relevant frequency.

One Sample T Test

One Sample T test has been used by the researchers to know the outcome of samples which comes from a specific population where the researcher does not have all the details or the complete information. For example, one sample T test helps in finding details of college students who differ from other students in the same locality. It identifies the sample mean. The hypothesis is the average of M which indicates the population. It also takes a detail for the dependence of the population evaluation along with the population mean.

Output Data

The output data is based on the findings extracted from applying the test mentioned and explained above.

Findings Observations

Qualitative analysis:

As mentioned above, the data has been collected from five different countries that include USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. On a qualitative basis, majority of the respondents found fewer issues in the Facebook App in comparison with other countries. Like a comment that states that “I think the new Facebook is great” got a five star rating. Other comments include that Facebook is an amazing App also got the highest ranking. Other comment includes “Love it great app use it all the time” also got number one rating. Many believe that Facebook is an amazing way to stay in touch with friends and family. Many respondents found the Facebook App “Perfect” for social networking. They believe the App is fulfilling the basic requirement of being in touch with the close ones.....................................

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