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Evidence from Research  Case Solution


Bostwana is a country situated in Africa and also called the Singapore of Africa. The country showed growth at the rate of 7.8%. The country is recognized with an experience of resource curse, which means economies with resources in high amount growing at a slower rate than economies that lack such natural resources. Botswana’seconomy has mainly relied on its diamond reserves that it uses to for development.

Research Question

The main question that arises in the case is that Botswana as a country recognized with recourse curse has broken the curse by showing continuous growth.The question that mainly arises is that can countries like Bostwana, which have resources in abundant but their management is inexperienced, can grow in a systematic way.


The information is provided for 89 nations with the latest economic variables.The bad variables are the GDP per capital from 1998 to 2002 for the country.The level of administration of any country can be measured by the theory
The level of administration influencing asset administration is measured by the six administration pointers gave by Kaufmann, Kraay, and Mastruzzi (2003).

The model incorporates three exogenous control variables. In order to control the distinctions in introductory state conditions crosswise over nations, this paper uses introductory gathering of human capital and Gross domestic product per capita just before the examining period.

Identification Strategy

The identification strategy of this research includes if dependent variables can be used to explain regression and correlation between different variables. The data generating process that has been used should be identified along with if there has been any biasness on the evaluation of the research work. The data is well reflective of the situation and is able to address the issue............

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