Cedar Fair LP Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cedar Fair LP Case Study SOLUTION 

Definition of Capex, DCF and WACC:

DCF is an immediate valuation procedure that values an organization by anticipating its future money streams and afterwards it utilizes the Net Present Value (NPV) strategy to esteem those money streams. In DCF investigation, the money streams are anticipated by utilizing a progression of suppositions about how the business will perform later on, and afterwards gauging how this business execution converts into the income produced by the business—the one thing financial specialists think the most about.

NPV is just a scientific system for deciphering each of these anticipated yearly income sums into today-proportional sums so that every year's anticipated money streams can be summed up in tantamount, current-dollar sums.


DCF ought to be utilized as a part of many cases since it endeavors to gauge the esteem made by a business specifically and exactly. It is along these lines that the most hypothetically correct valuation strategy is accessible: the estimation of a firm eventually is achieved from the natural estimation of its future money streams to its partners.

DCF is likely the most extensively utilized valuation strategy, just as a result of its hypothetical underpinnings and its capacity to be utilized as a part of all situations. DCF is utilized by Investment Bankers, Internal Corporate Finance and Business Development experts, and Academics.

Be that as it may, DCF is full of potential hazards. The valuation achieved is exceptionally touchy to countless/estimates, and can thusly shift over a wide range. On the off chance that even one key presumption is off fundamentally, it can prompt to a fiercely extraordinary valuation. This is very conceivable, given that DCF includes foreseeing future occasions (gauging), and even the best forecasters will for the most part be off by some sum.

Moreover, DCF does not consider any market-related valuation data, for example, the valuations of practically identical organizations, as an "once-over to make sure everything seems ok" on its valuation yields.

Consequently, DCF ought to for the most part just be done close by other valuation procedures, for the doubt that a sketchy suspicion or two prompt to an outcome that is generously not quite the same as what market strengths are demonstrating.


A capital use (Capex) is cash contributed by an organization to obtain or redesign altered, physical, non-consumable resources, for example, structures and hardware or another business.

There are two sorts of Capex – those resources that are invested to maintain existing levels of operation within an organization, and those resources that are put into something new to cultivate future development. Generally, paying little heed to the way of speculation, Capex is cash gone through with the aim of starting future income and a considerable quantifiable profit (ROI).

Weighted average cost of capital:

Weighted normal cost of capital (WACC) is the normal after-expense cost of an organization's different capital sources, including regular stock, favored stock, bonds, and whatever other long haul obligation. An organization has two essential wellsprings of financing - obligation and value - and, in basic terms, WACC is the normal cost of raising that cash.

WACC is identified by increasing the cost of every capital source (obligation and value) by its important weight, and after that adding the items together to decide the WACC approval

Cedar Fair LP Harvard Case Solution & Analysis
Cedar Fair LP Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



From the various analysis, it is identified that DCF would be a better option from other alternatives because DCF provided the more actual information of the current situation and the financial position of the company. All the calculations done in this case are considered as DCF and its other types of finding the results. Moreover, the DCF provided closer result of the current situation of the organization....................

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