Ethics in Clinical Operations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Reflection Paper Ethics Case Study Analysis

Most Important Things Learned

Ethics plays an important role in clinical operations. The most important thing that I learned about the topic is that the importance of ethical principles used in the clinical operations and their significance in the life of both the doctor and the patient. There are four ethical principles such as justice, autonomy, beneficence and non-maleficence. These principles play an important role when taking important decisions in clinical operations. For justice, it is extremely important to treat the patients fairly and justly regardless of any favoritism. Autonomy leads to the patient’s right to choose and take decision. This is the important step followed by the informed consent. Another principle include beneficence, i.e. “the act of kindness” and maleficence, i.e. “the act of committing harm or evil”. These principles, when applied, make a major difference in clinical practices and resolve many issues. For e.g. when there comes important decisions in clinical considerations, mostly the conflict arises between the patient’s choice and doctor’s duty. This is when these principles take an important role and help to resolve these conflicts.

Another important ethical considerations that I have learned from the topic is the “Ethical rationale for better coordination of clinical research on COVID-19” for instance, it has been seen that hundreds of clinical operations and vaccines has been set up for the covid-19. This created the great comeback for the combating of the coronavirus. But what really lacks in this situation is the global support. There comes an extreme shortage of medicines when research ethics comities use the existing drugs for the clinical operations. These difficulties are exacerbated by the unusual advancement of plagues, the dynamic contribution of political leaders in logical issues and the strain of web-based entertainment universally. While opportunity to direct research should be protected, worldwide wellbeing crisis circumstances would incredibly profit from powerful global coordination instruments for clinical exploration. Research plays an important role in the betterment of the clinical operations, but what makes it even better is the support of community and their contribution in the research. The principles and importance of research ethics in clinical operations plays an important role, and that is what I have learned, I order to make the clinical practices better in the future.

Ability to Use the Things Have Learned

Yes, these principles make extreme importance in the clinical considerations. It will help to create the better decisions and resolve conflicts. For instance, for research ethics, the principles and significance I have learned of research ethics make the clinical field even better by following all the important protocols. It is very important for the community to take part affectively in the research ethics to make clinical operations more advanced and successful. I have learned how research ethics is helpful in diagnosing the pattern disease and making clinical practices even better. In the future, it is extremely important to use these considerations in research to predict the future analysis.

The ethical principles such as justice, beneficence, autonomy and non-malignance, also makes an important role in clinical considerations. These principles also make the great difference in the big data and healthcare. Big data is another growing and important dilemma in the clinical operations. It shows the impact of “big data” on healthcare system and their research. This includes the “impact of big data” in healthcare application, programs used for big data and ethical issues associated with the big data analysis. There are several privacy issues arising from the usage of big data. According to “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (best known as HIPAA)”, it is very important for the healthcare professionals to understand the importance of data security and privacy. These privacy issues can be resolved by implementing the ethical principles legally. In the future, these principles can play an important role in effective research in clinical operations and increase the importance of “big data” in clinical operations and overcome its issues......

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