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Authentic and Reliable Happiness:

There is the difference between the two terms hedonics and happiness, defined by Martin Seligman (2002) as hedonics that can be classified as a knowledge of experience from one moment to another moment. Even though, many individuals spend their lives on the principle of hedonics and believe that they are fulfilling hedonic needs are the primary measure of satisfaction. Along with that, it has been observed that an individual has been influenced by many personal factors (Ackrill, 1981).

The Dalai Lama’s Contribution on Happiness and Ethics:

There has been a lot of contribution from Dalai Lama for ethics and happiness in the year 2000. And the contribution has been derived from the Tibetan Buddhist perspective. The contribution has been started from the fact that every individual desire and wish to be happy so that sorrows and sufferings can be avoided, and this is human’s nature that nobody can question it or asks for any justification. Same perspective has been built by Dalai Lama about the western society same as Farelly. According to Farelly, it has been observed that there are plenty of technology and material goods that can give pleasure, but still the probability of depression, anxiety and discontent has been constant and in fact is continuously increasing.

According to Dalai Lama, despite all the luxuries, the reason behind these luxuries is the increasing confusion that is rapidly growing about the basis and foundations of morality. He has evaluated these confusion and complexity in terms of changing relationship between people. Additionally, individuals have been switched over their dependence on other individuals and relied more on technology and machinery to make their work done.

Individuals in modern society believed that other individuals are not as much important to gain happiness in one’s lives. In addition to that, technology has replaced the requirement of the human being because it held the promise of instant knowledge and instant solutions and explained that happiness can only be created outwardly.

Don’t Indulge. Be Happy:

The idea of the paper revolves around the happiness of people. The research has proved that some people keep supporting others due to their personal interest and likings while others are helping via spending their money and time. Every individual has his own belief and thinking, or we may name it as “Personality Attributes." Mostly people in the world just want to concentrate on their lives due to lack of time and other factors. Now a day’s everyone wants to concentrate on establishing their life rather than interfere with and support other people. Every person has his standards of living and satisfaction level; some of them are happy while spending more money and enjoy the luxurious products and services. Some of them are always eager to help others by providing financial assistance, proper guidance, career development and better education opportunities to them in order to make them successful professional in their fields.

One thing is sure we cannot ignore the importance of money in today’s world. Everyone wants money to survive in the society. It will be required for fulfilling the prime requirements of life including shelter, food and clothing. There are some other necessities of life that people should be required to become a part of the society. Better education is an essential part for every individual, without proper education people cannot be able to survive in this world due to immense competition in the world. People become happy usually when all of these necessities have contributed in their lives. To become happy, every individual wants to concentrate on increasing his standard of living to promote himself as well as all family members.

People living in the low-income group countries have lesser opportunities to learn and grow in the world as compared to the developed countries. They have set their  standards to survive in the country such as cultivation and farming. This fact has been observed that people, who are living in rural areas are much happier than people living in urban areas because of fewer expectations and less materialistic life. Happiness of an individual in the life does not depend only on the financial perspective, but it depends upon various other factors that include non-monetary factors as well (Dunn & Nortan, 2012).......................................

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