Ashland Oil Inc.: Trouble at Floreffe (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case series includes a crisis in business ethics and decision-making, where one of the company's diesel fuel storage tanks destroyed, releasing nearly one million gallons of oil in the Monongahela and Ohio rivers. Divided into four cases guiding the reader through the sequence of events as they occur, and their implications for the company. Cases, it is the development of a corporate response to the accident, affected communities, government agencies and other corporate stakeholders. This case focuses on the hours immediately after the spill, and identifies key issues as they arise. These facts influence as CEO will speak in public in his first statement after three days. "Hide
by Kenneth E. Goodpaster, Anne K. Delehunt Source: Harvard Business School 15 pages. Publication Date: January 19, 1990. Prod. #: 390017-PDF-ENG

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Ashland Oil Inc.: Trouble at Floreffe (A)

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