Ethical Issues: Ethics and Society Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Ethical Issues: Ethics and Society Case Solution

Hence according to Rule-Utilitarian theory the actions of Professor Jones are not justified although the professor was getting enough money (benefits) but its consequences was harming the society in the long run with students becoming incompetent.

Analysis under Theory of Deontology:

According to this theory what matters the most in identifying the rightness or wrongness of an action is the reason behind that action but not its consequences, in short if an individual acted as a response to various situation and get himself out of those worst conditions then he may have a solid reason to act in way, the consequences of that action are not considered under this theory instead if the person has a solid reason to commit that action than his action could be justified under this theory regardless of the consequences of his action.For e.g. if an individual commits a murder even as a response of self-defense it would be justified because of the motive behind that action was to defense oneself.

According to the case Professor Jones made the website to help students in getting grades through wrong means but because he has a genuine reason behind this as he had to pay his student loan which he was un able to pay because his job was very low paying and he did not have sufficient time to fucus on his publications so that he could get a real teaching job in a highly competitive environment. It was barely impossible for him to survive in such less earnings and get a career growth with being an adjunct teacher.

So according to the theory all he wanted was to pay loan and a career growth and that is why he chose to make this website and achieve his goals. Hence based on the theory of Deontology his actions are justified in a way that the ‘maxim’ behind his actions could be justified because it has strong reasons.

Comparative analysis:

 Here under the given scenario it could be analyzed that if theory of Rule Utilitarian is implied than the action of Professor would be considered wrong because due to his action the consequences generated are wrong and it will lead the students to become incompetent, although from the point of professor it is providing benefits but it is creating harm to the society so the actions are wrong. Whereas on the basis of Theory of Deontology the actions of professor could be justified because in this theory the consequences of considered actions do not determine the rightness or wrongness of those actions but it is the maxim of those actions that in this case are the reasons because of which he had to act in such way. Like he has to pay for his student loan that exceeds his income.


Considering the scenario given one theory i.e. Rule-Utilitarian is focusing on the consequences of the action that in the case is making students incompetent so it is determining the action wrong while other theory i.e. Theory of Deontology maxim that lead the individual for acting that way matters the most regardless of its consequences and based on this Professor Jones action is justified.............................

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