Sandvik AB (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

CEO of Sandvik Group is considering initiatives he implemented after the entry in the manual group. The case centers on his attempts to increase the interaction between the six disparate enterprise group Sandvik. Also briefly describes the history of the company is a description of the business and corporate governance Sandvik. Specific measures taken by the management Sandvik, to enhance the interaction between companies stated. Concludes with a discussion of problems and control problems experienced in the search for synergies. The main challenge is to avoid the recentralization of power and at the same time encouraging employees to act with respect to both their business and the group. Closes with the CEO wondering how further changes may be made in the expansion and maintenance of search and use of synergies within the group Sandvik. Written for use in the business policy / strategy courses in the second year of the MBA program. Can be used as a corporate strategy case to illustrate concepts such as diversification, synergy and education advantage. Can also be used as change management case, putting the emphasis on the actions of the General Director can take to achieve their goals. "Hide
by Julian Birkinshaw, Roderick E. White, Robin Teigland Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 29 pages. Publication Date: November 1, 1998. Prod. # 98M012-PDF-ENG

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Sandvik AB (A)

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