Samsung Tesco Homeplus and Corporate Social Responsibility Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Samsung Tesco Homeplus (STG), one of the largest hypermarket Korea has increased its investments in social contribution activities and systematic organization in charge afterwards. It is particularly focused on education and cultural services, the environment and sharing with others. As a result, in December 2008, STH was considered one of the most innovative companies and the one who understood the true value of the customer. He has won many awards, such as the Green Award management, social contribution and reward environmentally friendly company management award. After the creation of corporate social responsibility (CSR) team in 2005, he won the CSR gives British Chamber of Commerce in Korea and was selected as one of the most respected companies in Korea. Although significant progress has been made, executives wondered what factors would be the key to their ongoing CSR activities. This case is of controversies and issues in the practice of corporate social responsibility STH. Social work and contributions STH agreed as to the sustainable management and customer value-oriented management. Various activities in the expanded education, environment and charitable eventually led customers to view STH as not just a discount store that just sold products, but "to store." STH conducted systematic programs and activities in the field of advanced learning environment and charity after declared himself a "social contribution" to the company. This case shows how a company can develop its social contribution activities. Addition, the discussion will center on a long-term impact that social contribution activities have on businesses. "Hide
Youngchan by Kim, Ahn Quango Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 17 pages. Publication Date: July 13, 2009. Prod. #: 909M40-PDF-ENG

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Samsung Tesco Homeplus and Corporate Social Responsibility

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