ELECTRIC VEHICLES Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Electric vehicles Case Study Solution 


Lately in 2011, the Ford Motor inaugurated its first electric car in the US market followed by the European market in 2013.The chief technology officer of Ford identified the growing need for Electric and Hybrid cars mainly and desired the long term strategy of producing or procuring the electric cars for US and European markets.

With the change in market trend and boom of technology and customer convenience software the demand for electric cards have increased, also raising the idea of Google’s driverless cars. It has also made other companies like Hyundai, Honda, Chevrolet, BMW and GE to enter into the electric market industry. By the end of 2011, many dominant industry players took the new approach to enter the electric car industry making the consumption of gasoline and petrol to decline to adapt towards the environmental friendly consumption and emission of gas in the air, moving towards the sustain able operations in the long run. Under such scenario the proposed question to research is;

"How will the Electric Vehicles growth impacts the national Oil Operators in 5-7 years?"

Since with the passing time and the change in Social and economic cursors of the US and European economy the change has been analyzed on the Electric vehicle adaption and Oil consumption. Such drivers of change are discussed under the DRIVE Frame work followed by the PESTEL Framework in the discussion.

DRIVE Framework

Demographics and Social Change

Over the period of time, with the rising population the demand and consumption of national oil and CFCs gases has increased in the environment.This has given rise to the emergence of using the greener technologies that on one hand offers fuels efficiencies and also replaces gasoline and petrol that pollutes the environment and disturbs the ecosystem. From late 90’s, the idea of using greener technologies has taken hold of the US and Europe market, making the big companies like Honda, Hyundai, Ford and BMW to switch or evolve to produce Electric cars, that consumes less gasoline along with fuel efficiency.This reduces (1) Oil consumption and emission and (2) also makes the suitable operations of the company, aligning it with the social change in the market. This trend elevates Ford strategy to develop the electric cars that reduces the national oil consumption while on the other hand sustains the position in the market by offering suitable energy solutions.

ELECTRIC VEHICLES Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



Resource Scarcity

Since with the passing time, the fossil fuels are depleted and cannot be resumed again to use, along with the growing population in the US and Europe, the government has put a limit to the usage of natural resources. The emergence of electric cars is a byproduct or elevation of the economic trend in the region. (Lambert, 2017).............................

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