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The contours of the growth of innovative diabetes disease management organization from 1994-99. Demonstrating the success of the model in the management of diabetes population in Texas and New York, the executive director and the president must decide on the future strategy of the company and find out where their core competencies lay. Options include a focus on the current model (which is based on developing strong relationships and patient educator for immediate access to clinical data via database technology), branching into online tools to assess health status, or conduct research in the field of health and cost outcomes for pharmaceutical, medical device or insurance companies. Illustrates the importance of aligning incentives for doctors, hospitals and patients to implement behavior change. Students can discuss the types of funding markets on which model of the company will work better and who is best suited to provide this type of disease, and who should pay for it (for example, doctors, hospitals, pharmacists, insurance companies, or external suppliers). "Hide
by Richard Bohmer, Naomi Atkins Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages. Publication Date: February 28, 2000. Prod. #: 600077-PDF-ENG

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E2M Health Services

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