Matrix Management: Contradictions and Insights Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The main question is if matrix management hurt or help the promotion a new product? Arguments for and against the matrix consists mainly of success and failure stories. The problem is of further deepened with the failure to realize that there are different types of matrices. Data on the use and efficacy of three matrix structures (functional, balanced and project matrix) were collected from 500 managers who were very experienced in product development. The results show that the matrix are still the top method for the completion of development projects. Companies that use matrix management should consider the draft of the matrix, if they are trying to improve performance. "Hide
by Eric B. Larson, David H. Gobeli Source: California Management Review 13 pages. Publication Date: July 1, 1987. Prod. #: CMR014-PDF-ENG

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Matrix Management: Contradictions and Insights

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