UTV and Disney: Strategic Alliance (A) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

The case describes the dilemma faced by the senior vice president of business development and strategy in deciding whether the 2006 UTV Software Communications Ltd. (UTV) to go ahead with the joint venture with the Walt Disney Company (Disney), even if it meant selling Hungama TV, a leading children's channels in India, Disney. UTV was one of the largest media companies in India and had varied interests, including TV content, movies, animation and new media content. While UTV opened operations in the United States, Britain and other countries two years ago, its international presence has been limited. General Director of UTV business like UTV, to increase from Rs2 billion RS5 billion by 2008, and RS10 billion by 2010. It seemed possible, if UTV went ahead with a strategic alliance with Disney. UTV is assumed that an alliance with Disney in India will help it to increase its business in all other verticals globally. On the other hand, Disney, major multinational, had several records of purchase. Vice President UTV was concerned that Disney's interest in a strategic alliance could be part of a long-term plan to acquire the company and benefit from its profitable business. With UTV established in the Indian media industry over the last 15 years, it could cooperate with different companies in various verticals, thus reducing the threat of losing their identity

case reaches the following learning objectives.: 1) to investigate various possibilities of strategic alliances with multinational corporations to expand business, when it means that the sale of one part of a multi-national business Toa, 2) to assess the costs and benefits associated with cross-border mergers involving the acquisition of a business and alliances in another part 3 ) identify opportunities for business process integration with the foreign person;. 4) to come up with "no regrets" strategies that span multiple business stakeholders "Hide
by Atanu Adhikari, Ram Deshmukh Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 20 pages. Publication Date: September 21, 2010. Prod. #: 910M43-PDF-ENG

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