Albany InternationalGeshmay Group Merger Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Albany International, the New York-based paper machine clothing (PMC) manufacturer, has acquired Geschmay groups, rival German company with operations in France, Italy, Germany, and South Carolina. Its customers are manufacturers of paper consolidating rapidly, causing PMC companies to do the same. Not only corporate and national cultures of the two companies are different, but Geschmay itself multicultural and poorly integrated. Albany management faces in realizing the value of the company for which it overpaid and decide which plants to close in France, where the merger of excess facilities, meanwhile, French law and French culture makes it almost impossible to move people between plants «Hide.
on LJ Bourgeois, Ana Moscoso Margaret Cording Source: Darden School of Business 22 pages. Publication Date: August 28, 2001. Prod. #: UV0968-PDF-ENG

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Albany InternationalGeshmay Group Merger

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