Driving Towards a Disruption? Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

He pondered the future of management education as Clayton Christensen drove to the studio to deliver an online executive education class. How big a risk did online degree programs, corporate universities, and other innovations in the delivery of management training represent to the MBA program of the Harvard Business School or other residential programs? Definitely new inventions in the industry promised to deliver a significantly broader audience at a far lower cost management education.

Christensen had noted that many firms were less and less present in MBA recruiting, and he believed that businesses' ability to train employees within the context of their jobs was quelling their desire for MBAs with less company-specific general management training. He wondered if the changes afoot represented an opportunity or a threat for the HBS MBA program.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about TECHNOLOGY & OPERATIONS

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Driving Towards a Disruption?

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