Domestic viollence Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Domestic violence in Indian culture:

The issues related to violence in India have become a major concern for the common people and the government as well. The issue came into a light when the girl was raped by a gang on December 2012 in the city of Delhi. The rape incident results in aggression and frustration among the citizens.  People protested about the incident to a very large extent, but the issues were deep in the roots. The main issues faced by the females in India are because of incompetent and ineffective government policies and legal system. Furthermore, the political and social structure in the country is also below the mark and highly dominated by males (Panda, Pradeep & Agarwal, 2005).

Violence begins from home:

Making arguments based on culture is often misleading, and one cannot make judgments about the problems related to domestic violence in India. India is a country with having various forms of culture and thus blaming one culture for domestic violence will make other cultures out from the estimation. Therefore, circumstances in the country vary from culture to culture. The events of domestic violence are relatively less in northeastern and southern areas of the country than other areas.

Census done in 2011 revealed that the ratio between women and men shows that now there are 940 women against 1000 men in the country. However, the country is having the lowest ratio in the world as there are more than 35 million females categorized as missing. Major reasons for these missing numbers are abortion and paying less attention to a girl over a boy (Fernandez & Marilyn, 2013).

Domestic violence in Australia:

A personal safety survey in 2005 conducted by the Australian bureau of statistics highlighted the fact that the majority of violence is done by male over females in Australia. The statistics state that over half a million females have gone through sexual or physical violence while a million suffered the same violence from the hands of their partners either current or ex. The stats of last 12 months show that around 37.5% women were assaulted by their ex or current partners while 34.4% suffered from the hand of a family member.

The place of occurrence was mostly home and the majority of the females witnessed physical and sexual violence from the age of 15 with a percentage of 33% and 19% respectively. The numbers have seen an increase since 1996 till 2005 and there are still majority of cases that have not been reported. Men have also been violated by other men (Bendall& Charlotte, 2010).

Domestic violence in Africa:

South Africa is known to be the country in terms of high events of domestic violence. In South Africa, domestic violence has become the most common problem and major human rights phenomena in the country. It has become a daily routine in South Africa that a woman has been assaulted on a regular basis. It has become a common practice that women are threatened, murdered and often humiliated by their partners. The violence has not been done by anyone outside, but their family members and often by their intimate partners. Surveys have been found that 1 out of six women in South Africa have become a victim of violence by their intimate partners.

Further, the issue of domestic violence has become a major problem and a major reason for death of females between the age group of 15 to 30 years. In 2006, a report by Musasa project has been published that revealed domestic violence lead to more than sixty percent of the murders reported in Zimbabwean courts (Jewkes et al, 2002)..................................

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