SC Johnson and the Greenlist Backlash Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case centers on the SC Johnson's CEO, H. Fisk Johnson, and his pronouncement on how to move ahead with Greenlist (TMark) after the resolution of two lawsuits. SC Johnson developed the ingredient development process Greenlist (TMark) to decrease the negative environmental impacts of its products by replacing less dangerous ingredients wherever possible.

Significant environmental advancements were made in lots of the company's products, such as Windex (registered company), as well as the business developed a Greenlist (TMark) label to show to consumers a product was enhanced by the procedure. In 2008 and 2009, two suits were filed accusing SC Johnson of deceptively marketing its products as "green", as the Greenlist (TMark) label led consumers to consider the products had been certified by an objective third party. The suits were settled along with the company was forced to remove the label. The case raises the worth of sustainability initiatives that are internal, the essence of environmental certification, as well as a discussion about green tagging.

SC Johnson and the Greenlist Backlash case study solution


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SC Johnson and the Greenlist Backlash

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