“Do It Show”: A New Mobile Communications Service in Korea Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case presents points of competition and problems in the brand launch of a new telecommunication service of KTF, one of Korea's cellular telecommunication businesses. As the second-place player in the 2G service market, which offered voice and text-messaging services, KTF determined to be the number one player in the new 3G service market, which presented stable video communication and high-speed data transmission as well as voice and text-messaging services. To do so, KTF developed a brand new brand, called "SHOW," and implemented various integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategies to entice customers. After only four months since its start, KTF had successfully attracted more than one million members. Several critical points for successfully starting a fresh brand in the mobile telecommunication service can be established from this case. The introduction highlights the success of the new brand launching strategy of KTF.

Subsequently the cellular telecommunication service market scenario in South Korea is reviewed. The next section substantiate a brief explanation of KTF and its new brand launch strategy in the 3G service marketplace, covering topics from the market survey for 3G service to the brand-building processes. Finally, the reaction to the successful brand launch of KTF of the adversary is summarized.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about SALES & MARKETING

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“Do It Show”: A New Mobile Communications Service in Korea

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