Diversity at JPMorgan Chase: Right is Good Enough for Me (B) Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This is a Darden case study. How can we get a supervisor to recruit the best talent-and reward them for being a better supervisor for doing it - when we truly want them to be a great banker? This two part case offers an unique and interesting method of diversity recruiting at a Fortune 500 business. With a white male victor-Jamie Dimon-at the helm, the stuff unfolds a view of how competent leaders do something interesting with diversity.

Really, other Fortune 500 firms ask Settles to share recruiting best practices. But Settles can not help but wonder how his work has impacted JPMC as he looks at the September 2008 issue of Fortune magazine. The largely male faces of the cover caused Settles consider whether his efforts were going to alter the company and to step back for a second. The B case describes several attempts that Settles sought free and to further incorporate diversity into the gift life cycle, from recruiting to development, to creating an environment in which workers felt welcome as individuals to maximize their talents everywhere in the organization.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT

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Diversity at JPMorgan Chase: Right is Good Enough for Me (B)

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