Din Tai Fung: The Art of the Dumpling Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

(AWARD WINNING CASE) - In 2014, as one of the most well known Taiwanese cuisine brands, more than 100 eateries ran around the globe. Requests for partnerships for international expansion were always arriving. Customer comments from foreign customers, however, implied a remarkable difference in service quality between the branches that were overseas and Taiwanese. The demand for support by overseas branches surged significantly because of the rapid speed of growth lately.

His plan to start the 10th branch in Taiwan had been deferred by the firm's chief executive officer. However, plans to open new divisions in overseas markets were enthusiastically assessed by present partners. Two new possible venture offers from the Philippines and Dubai were being vigorously pursued. What was the greatest method to deal with the increasing number of requests for support from foreign branches and to ensure high quality? Should Din Tai Fung approve the two international offers for venture that appeared promising? What was the international growth strategy that is finest?


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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Din Tai Fung: The Art of the Dumpling

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