Diamond Developers-Measuring Sustainability Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Diamond Developers-Measuring Sustainability Case Study  Solution


This case is mainly dealing with a well-known civil engineering and architecture Company incorporatedin year 1991 by Mr. Saeed who was a civil engineerby profession. Company expanded in new geographical area of Dubai by forming a company specializing in interior design and its maintenance in year 1995. Moreover, in the year 1999, founder diversified the business by introducing it as a contracting company and started to develop projects related to real estate under partnership with his friend. The new business partner was Saeed’s university friendnamed Wassim Adlouni, who was a Lebanese.

Experience of Wassim is in the real estate business as a developer, engineering consultant and an architect. They created the brand image of their company with the company’s name as Diamond Developers by creating value with the name Diamond that is considered as prestige and pride by any person. Company was growing the real estate business in line with the Dubai’s growing conditions. Company expanded its presence by building around sixtowers, which consist of around 150 townhouses in Jumeirah village, around 1000 plus apartments in the Marina District of New Dubai and around four commercial buildings in Arjan district.

Company has also diversified its business by incorporating a recycling and waste management company with the brand name Tadweer Waste Treatment that is a limited liability company.

Company’s and Dubai’s Economic Background:

Company started to face decline in its sales and the prices of the property started to decline because of the disaster due to the recession of year 2008, which resulted in the thunderstorm for Dubai as well to the whole world. Real estate sector recorded sharp decline, the perception was created in the headlines as negative for Dubai’s economy because of the uncertainty in the environmental conditions, and the practices of construction were unsustainable.

However, the founders considered recession in a very proactive and calm way by considering it as an opportunity rather than a threat or problem for the company. It started to hold the future projects so that it does not face any loss and may recover the confidence and trust of the people of Dubai and people around the world. They were of the opinion that the economy of Dubai will recover from the loss of recession soon and its prices will start to rise slowly and gradually.

The management of the company realized that the success of the company is dependent on the sustainability and feasibility of construction and it cannot afford to compromise over either profitability or quality. This resulted in huge benefits for the development of sustainable real estate such as better marketing, creating real difference in Dubai market and the most important benefit is the reduced cost of lifetime ownership because it will result due to the lower water and energy consumption.

They were expert and self-educated in the major areas for the effective utilization of renewable energy, energy use in buildings, water recycling and waste management.And they tried to learn the effective and efficient ways to cut down the energy demand as compared to the conventional buildings.

Moreover, the economy of Dubai started to emerge from the period and drawbacks of recession because the company was strengthening its position by growing tourism, trade, logistics and travel. Dubai started to grow and its real estate sector started to grow because the prices of the real estate buildings started to grow and the management started to plan for developing new projects and maximize its investments.

Analysis of the situation:

Leaders of Dubai realized that the planning of the future growth takes necessary considerations for the sustainability of environment. They started to make it their motive to bring prosperity and growth in their economy. The major areas of consideration were to bring creativity, innovativeness and drastic increase in the opportunities of employment.

This lead to the safety of the natural resources as well as the economy’s competitive position in the global world. Adaptation of the Dubai economy was mainly leading to the core areas of eco-friendly technology, which is based on the green economy, and second concern is the energy products, which can easily be renewed. In this way, the Dubai economy can create differentiation in the global world by making its unique presence through connecting minds via creating opportunity and creating the future through sustainability and mobility.

Diamond Developers-Measuring Sustainability Harvard Case Solution & Analysis




Sustainability for Diamond developers can be defined as working with a lot of enthusiasm in its projects and they developed this through working on a project, which became famous with the name Dubai land, it is also considered as the master development project.Company created sustainability by breaking around its 500 homes into clusters of around five along with the car parking.

The clusters also contain the solar panels. Moreover, the sustainability was maintained by the generation of solar power and designing the homes in an efficient way, which saves energy to the great extent for the visitors. The supply of electricity will increase by the generation of solar energy, which will also make it easier for the company to meet its demand and satisfy its customers. This will lead to provide the benefits to the residents, which will attract them by saving the most of the electricity expenses.....................

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