Designing Channels of Distribution Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Gifts framework and methods for the solution of new products channel selection decisions. Offers a six-speed method, which includes: 1) the breakdown and priority distribution channel requirements of customers channel function, and 2) to receive and consumer organizations (and key informants) channel estimation functions, and 3) benchmarking of existing channels (own, as well as competitors), and 4) identifying and building effective alternative channel 5) quantification of short-term and long-term benefits and costs of each alternative, and 6) by selecting the appropriate channel between the possibilities of a compromise compared to the constraints posed by the existing canal network (if applicable). The method requires a participatory management to facilitate its implementation. Provides an illustrative application to demonstrate their management utility. "Hide
by V. Kasturi Rangan 12 pages. Publication Date: May 11, 1994. Prod. #: 594116-PDF-ENG

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Designing Channels of Distribution

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