Art of Making Change Initiatives Stick Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Too many managers are burned on the strategic changes. They have experienced a scenario in which the Director announces bold initiative to improve performance dramatically. The initiative includes a radical change in the processes of the company, systems and culture - and a major investment of resources. Despite some short-term benefits, it is common for organizations slip back into old ways of doing things. Argues for a system that allows change initiatives follow. Uses detailed case study (disguised large clothing retailer), to demonstrate that the need for sustainable change in processes, behavior or performance. Reveals four key processes - chartering, learning, mobilizing, and cast - it will pave the way for the successful institutionalization of strategic change initiative. Elements rely more on understanding the combination of task-related, emotional and behavioral factors than is fashionable in metrics driven environment today. Also highlights the discrepancy between the study of the conventional wisdom about the program changes, arguing that managers should set in motion a number of processes in the beginning, if the changes of a stick. "Hide
by Michael A. Roberto, Lynne C. Levesque Source: MIT Sloan Management Review 10 pages. Publication Date: July 1, 2005. Prod. #: SMR178-PDF-ENG

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Art of Making Change Initiatives Stick

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