Dell Computers (A): Field Service for Corporate Clients Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Explores the highly successful PC and entering a low-end servers in a large-scale manufacturer of the server market in the USA. The key difference in this new market is part of the intensive services needed to support large hardware. In particular, the industry standard is to have a technician onsite with the required part in four hours of diagnosis. This type of service is a problem for Dell, as its potential clients are spread across the United States. If Dell create a home field service to ensure quality of service and keep control of their customer relationships or outsourcing of services to third-party vendors? Complicating the issue is the availability of IBM, the largest player in the market for large-scale servers.
used as part of the first module of the course to regulate operation of the service, which examines the role of the operating management of clients (606-032). "Hide
by Francis H. Frey, Amy C. Edmondson, Corey Hajim Source: Harvard Business School 13 pages. Publication Date: 03 Oct 2002. Prod. #: 603067-PDF-ENG

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Dell Computers (A): Field Service for Corporate Clients

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