Money Laundering Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Non Market Action and the International Counter Money Laundering Act (H.R. 3886)

Question 01: Which groups and organizations are likely to become active in determining the outcome of this legislative effort? Prepare a distributive politics spreadsheet to inform your answer. What kind of Wilson-Lowi politics is this? How likely is it that H.R. 3886 will pass?

As per the distributive politics spreadsheet the groups or members in support of the legislation are explained in the spreadsheet. The most dominant group who are likely participants that will influence the decision of imposing the H.R. 3886 are Federal Bureau of Investigation, Secret Service and the Custom services. These are the main agencies that will influence the decision of implementing the money laundering act. The spread sheet further explain the basis of identifying the above mentioned names as the active members in determining the legislative efforts of the act.

Wilson-Lowi politics

The politics that is installed with this act is Majoritarian politics. It is majoritarian politics because in a “Representative Democracy” the decisions are taken with the votes of a majority of people or groups. They follow what suits the interest of general public. Under the current situation of passing the bill for Anti-Money Laundering Act (H.R. 3886) the decision has to be taken based on the interest of the majority of the people.

The probability of the bill being passed by the higher authority is almost a certainty. The reason it is obvious choice because most of the agencies associated with the bill have shown their interest in implementing it. However, a group is opposing but in the long run eventually this bill will be passed because of the credibility it will give and the focus on eliminating the money generated by the money laundering into the economy will also decrease. Therefore the possibility of the International Counter Money Laundering Act (HR 3886) is quite obvious.

Question 02: What actions, if any, could the bill’s supporters employ to succeed in passing H.R. 3886?

As the case states, there are various justifications which the supporters of International Counter Money Laundering Act (HR 3886) supporters could give in order to ensure that the legal plan is actually implemented countrywide. H.R. 3886 will obviously provide the Secretary of Treasure Board with all the powers that are actually required by the United States financial institutions that will help in revealing the data about every customer. Along with this, it will also help the  American financial institutions' patrons with the power to reveal any information regarding the foreign jurisdiction that could help in overcoming the money laundering in the country. The supporters of H.R. 3886 can also present this argument that by passing law 3886 will help the Secretary to consider about the fact whether the alleged or the illegal money that is taking place is a characterization of tax haven and it will also allow the target low tax regimes to obviously tolerate and reduce the money laundering.

This law will also help in prohibiting the consumer financial transactions, the transactions that will help financial institutions also with the overall stability in the financial position of the country will also increase. The law International Counter Money Laundering Act (HR 3886) supporters can present the argument that the law will help the Secretary of the Treasury in complying with the United States law enforcement activities and the tax objectives also. The law will also overcome the provisional issues and the concerns in the financial market and the stability. The supporters of the act can take the action in support of this law is that they can ensure that the federal government can take on the responsibility of the criminal investigation where the government can prove and believe that the personal information of every customer will be kept confidential and within the rights of certain people who will give the authority to study the case accordingly.

The law H.R. 3886 will also increase the potential government that needs to believe that the domestic or foreign bank is in support of the money launderers in the particular country. The supporters of this law can in fact develop a commission where they can support the reasonable grounds that harbor money launderers globally. The supporters can also give the argument in support of the act where they can take the action by providing access to every depositor's account information that can be retrieved in any country worldwide. Along with this, the supporters can also take the action of creating reasonable grounds that could also justify the wide ranging federal investigations which will provide individuals and the private companies the due support. The supporters can also take the action of helping in overcoming criminal activities which will include the purchase of expensive cars.

In light of above actions discussed.......................

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