Deborah Jamieson and the University College London Hospitals Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Deborah Jamieson and the University College London Hospitals Case Solution

Q1-Critically assess the approach to change taken by Deborah and her colleagues. Framework-Kotter 8 steps Kaleidoscope

The case talks about the bold steps taken by Deborah Jamieson who was an advanced practitioner at the University College London Hospital, National Health Service Trust. In order to increase the efficiency of the hospital, improve the quality of service provided to the patients and for the significant reduction in the cancellation of operations, She planned to conduct a pre-operative assessment, which includes the training of nurses in a way that could significantly help in not only meeting with these above mentioned goals, but also could save time and cost of the senior consultants and anesthetists. The change in the overall process was negatively objected by the old consultants. However, Deborah had to spend considerable amount of time in order to change their mindset because of the plan initiated by Tony Blain, the Prime Minister at that time, who required the hospitals to reduce their waiting time, improve the financial performance, cleanliness, and above all, satisfaction of the patients was the key included in the plan, which could result in a higher star rating for the trust. The hospital with the three star rating would be provided full funding.

The overall strategic change would be studied by taking the help of Balogun and Hope Hailey’s Change Kaleidoscope model in relation to the current case. The key elements of the model are explained in the table given below:

8 Steps Kaleidoscope Change Model

1.      TimeIt is normally seen that in order to bring some change in the historical practices, a longer period of time is required in order to properly plan and execute that change. In the given case, it can be seen that the number of waiting lists have been high and the plan initiated by the government required it to be low which required the change process to be completed very quickly.
2.      ScopeThe overall change management required a great deal of change by providing the trainings to the nurses, the junior doctors could be replaced by them whereas, the senior doctors would also be impacted by this change in a way that they would be enriched with more time to focus on other aspects and the overall efficiency of the hospital could be improved.
3.      PreservationThe overall management and employees of the hospitals including the nurses have to be retained before and after the change. However, trainings and changing their mindsets was the only change made in this overall plan of Deborah. In addition to this, some new nurses were also recruited who are ready to take on more responsibilities.
4.      DiversityIt can be seen from the given case that the nurses that are ready to accept more challenges and responsibilities are from different cultures which requires additional different kind of guidance to them which could conclude the fact that diversity is significant factor in this overall change process.
5.      CapabilityThis could be the significant factor because the overall plan requires the additional training of at least two days for the nurses which could significantly help in increasing their capabilities to a wider scope which could help the overall organization in meeting the goals of attaining a three star rating from the government. It focuses on the increasing knowledge and abilities of the nurses to manage the required change in the hospital.
6.      CapacityThe capacity factor is studied in relation to money, time and the labor force. It can be seen that the last two elements could be easily taken or recruited but the only issue in the additional money required bringing such a change. However, once the hospital could achieve the three star rating, the overall budget could be easily funded with the help of the government.


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