DaVita: A Community First, A Company Second Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case substantiate the plight encountering DaVita and CEO Kent Thiry as they are experimenting the best way to integrate a current procurement, Health Care Partners (HCP). DaVita had been predominantly a kidney dialysis company with a really powerful culture built around teamwork, fun, continuous improvement, responsibility, and services.

The senior most management saw the DaVita as a “community comes first and company comes second.” HCP was an incorporated health care provider with an appreciably distinct work force from DaVita. The history of its achievement over the preceding 15 years, its business, its unique culture, and DaVita itself are discussed in detail in this case study. The case gives a exclusive description of how the culture initiated and managed through the usage of a variety of distinct processes and events including the careful exploitation of language, symbol, and cultural traditions (the company is a "village," and the team members are its "citizens," the exploitation of slogan such as "one for all and all for one," the three musketeer costume, widely shared utilization of information, involvement of the team players, high recognition and reward program, investments in training and socialization, and a company song).

This culture was an advantage in DaVita's financial accomplishments by enticing and retaining staff and patients, maintaining the control of costs, and improving the clinical results. The new challenges confronting was whether this culture could be exported to Health Care Partners.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about LEADERSHIP & MANAGING PEOPLE

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DaVita: A Community First, A Company Second

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