CYBER CRIME Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Cyber crime Case Study Solution

The increase inusage of technology has led to the opening of many possibilities. Tech advancement over the past few decades has stunned the world with its pace, development and accessibility. Increase in interactive and user-friendly technology is now leading the way of life. Technology now plays a significant role in every aspect of life. From helping government organization fight crime and solve cases to usage of domestic appliances in kitchen, machine is now involved in our lives more than we even realise.

Making extensive use of technology, businesses around the world have flourished, economies have stabilised, various stock markets indices rose, and more peace work have been conducted. Globalisation of technology has led to the increase in awareness of events as they happen through increased usage of social networking sites. It has also led to an increase in service sector like online banking, education, shopping, etc.

However, where there is always room for improvement in technology and ability to expand, there have also been a dramatic rise in cybercrime. Cybercrime is a vast term which includes various forms of illegal and immoral acts committed through digital devices such as computers, tablets, ATMs, webcam, etc. by using internet as its medium.

Like the real world, cyber world is also divided into beautiful and murky places. The dark part of this world is dangerous though as it is based upon illusion hence making it difficult for the relevant authorities to catch cyber criminals.Cybercrimes, like real world crimes, are also numerous and are not limited to only hacking and stealing money. The advancement of technology has increased the number of ways in which cybercrime can be committed and also allows the criminal to remove his digital tracks.

Acts committed by using digital media include cyber bullying, financial fraud, identity theft, money laundering, digital piracy, spying through webcam and cyber stalking. However, what’s more astonishing is that the people committing cybercrimes are able to use the technology to the extent which enables them to remove their digital footprints from the network.

Relevant authorities, on the other hand, are unsure about how to handle this burgeoning problem. Also, the hesitancy of people subjected to cybercrimes, to report those crimes is also one of the main factors giving rise to the domain of cybercrime. Hacking based identity theft is one of the most complex cybercrimes that has been plaguing various economies over the past few years. Financial losses amounting in billions have been vanished by impersonating other people leading to not only devastation of various organisations but also results in acquittal of the person whose identity was stolen.

Money Laundering which was initially manual is now conducted by hacking banking channels. Additionally, private and sensitive information of the company is also used for extortion effects, and we have seen a dramatic rise in digital piracy cases. Extortions are applied when malware software are used leading to corruption or stealing of private information and using that information as hostage to secure the amount in millions for its release or reuse. One feature enabling this ransomware trend is bitcoin. The currency which was developed to stabilise stock market transactions now helps in securing the anonymity of cyber criminals.Cyber bullying is also on the rise with main targets being women who are subjected to intense mental torture which sometimes results in suicide attempts and taking one’s life.

CYBER CRIME Harvard Case Solution & Analysis



In recent times we have seen many instances of cybercrime but none as astonishing as allegations raised after Donald Trump’s presidential campaign succeeding with the involvement of Russian hackers to manipulate the electoral results. Even though hacker’s involvement is yet to be recognized the allegations in itself raises several questions including the efficiency of regulations put in place by the relevant authorities. However, even reliance upon these sort of authorities is also shaken especially after revelations made by Julian Assange’s Wiki-leaks......................

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