Cultivating Social Enterprise in Peru: A Portfolio Approach Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

A consultant with the CARE Enterprise Partners (CEP) is tasked to offer consulting for three social businesses in distinct phases of growth, each gaining from CEP funds and support. CONASE - an oatmeal maker selling to the government's vaso de leche free breakfast program - asked for advice on strategic analysis and creative strategies to customer relations. Seviagro - a marketplace linkage social business aggregating produce from smallholder artichoke farmers for resale to export company and a large processing - requested support with cost analysis and accounting.

The three for profit social businesses profiled in this case sample a fresh breed of locally-reliant, market-driven versions, which might further Peru's rural development in mountainous regions like the Ancash state. Their success could be enormously influential in charting a fresh way of development in the Andes. Success here could also endorse CEP's pioneering approach to development around the globe. But despite attentive startup planning and quite promising triple-bottom line projections, each business faced challenges that are sudden in customer relationships, cost distribution, sourcing and management. The case asks students to place themselves in the adviser role and reposition these social ventures for growth that is sustainable.


This is just an excerpt. This case is about INNOVATION & ENTREPRENEURSHIP

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Cultivating Social Enterprise in Peru: A Portfolio Approach

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