Napo Pharmaceuticals: Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet, and Profits Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Napo Pharmaceuticals: Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet, and Profits Case Study Help

Q-4: Why do you think Napo had so many challenges with its commercial partners?

Napo had so many challenges and issues associated with its commercial partners, Salix and Glenmark pharmaceuticals, due to which the company’s relation with them had become sour. Napo was continuously facing threats regarding its operational sustainability, and was challenged with the lack of finance for its survival.The challenge started to createdoubts on the company’s survival in the drug manufacturing industry due to which its commercial partners were also subjected to the risk of having financial loss. The commercial partners of Napo wanted to have commercialization of Napo and its products which Napo was failing to provide due to the nature of its unique operational areas, which further caused tension between Napo and its commercial partners. Napo’s future, its reputation and operations were at the stake, and the changes in the technology were adding much to the Napo’s challenges as with each technological advancement Napo was required to have more finance to implement those advancements for making effective medicinal drugs.(Niosi, 2012). The biggest challenge which Napo had to bear werenon-profitability market, information barriers, and financing for the new drug discovery.  (Joanna chataway, 2007)

Q-5: What do you think Conte should do next?

Conte has to do a lot of hard work because she has the elusive FDA approval for the products, but she lacks finance, due to which she neither has any commercial manufacturing facility nor does she have any appropriate distribution channel currently. Conte should opt for a bank loan in order to start the company’s operations, and then should market the products itself in order to attract the investors and the distributors.  (Coster, 2017) Conte should  work with effective leadership in the future, forhaving sustainable growth.


The Napo Pharmaceutical is a biotech company that pursues a triple bottom line of people, planet and profit, by offering lifesaving drugs in order to cure the neglected diseases,such as: infectious diarrhoea etc. The Napo did face different challenges in terms of finances and profitability for making the new drug discovery, dueto which Napo ended up having a sour relationship with two of its commercial partners i.e. Salix and Glenmark pharmaceuticals..................................


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