Japanese Banking: Crisis and Reform Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Japanese banking sector entered a serious crisis in the 1990s, as the massive nonperforming loans threatens the survival of even the largest banks. This was far from stellar growth in Japan since 1950 and the heady days of the spiral of property prices and the stock market in 1980. Traces the development of the Japanese economy since the end of World War II, the role of international trade and financial flows and foreign direct investment, and the role of the Japanese banking sector in these events. By 2000, the government spent trillions of yen in the rescue package, including the nationalization of the two largest banks, and attempts to reform the banking sector to resolve the crisis. "Hide
by Michael Enright, James Newton, Elyssa Tran Source: University of Hong Kong, 31 pages. Publication Date: December 21, 2005. Prod. #: HKU551-PDF-ENG

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Japanese Banking: Crisis and Reform

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