Creative Writing in the digital age Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Initially, the lecturer talks about multi-tasking that one does through the usage of Internet. Gold Smith gave an example of speaking on the phone while surfing on the Internet and relates this example to creativity. He stresses that this multi-tasking is itself creativity and everyone should be happy about this invention.

The lecture looks creative writing by analyzing uncreative writing using the concept of ready- madecoined by Marcel Duchamp. In academic writing, citation and reference should be used to acknowledge research, otherwise the writer would be accused of plagiarism. However, plagiarism has been allowed in the arts for many years(Andrea Mason – Holding Text: (Un)creative Writing in the Digital Age, n.d.).

Marcel Duchamp did the same in his series “ready-made” where he combined many objects is such a way that it results in a new object. This series introduced people with the new concept of “familiarization”  which is the artistic technique to assign new subvert or pervert meanings to the object, familiarization with the subjects used to come up the resultant object(Andrea Mason – Holding Text: (Un)creative Writing in the Digital Age, n.d.).

Kenneth Gold Smith gave the example of word processor and the way it has evolved. Initially, it was called an artist, then a poet and finally a writer. However, when combined together, it is known as word processor. This technique has been used by many artists over the years. In 1960, Bryon Gysin used this technique in poetry(Andrea Mason – Holding Text: (Un)creative Writing in the Digital Age, n.d.).

Gold Smith stresses that a lot of data is available on the internet which can be used to come up with new pieces of work and re-assign them meaning. Then,he advocates taking  breakthrough internet that is to have an unplanned surfing of the internet to collect different data. This data should be used differently in such a way that they become completely new experiences. This process is known as dethronement.

After a Fashion: Kays Catalogue, Modernism and Fashion Persuasion 

This lecture shows the ways clothes were selected for specific categories of people and the categorization o fashion intodifferent categories such as catalogues. Kays catalogues showed modernity from 1920 to 1960.  They act as persuasive advertising to buy clothes advertised in these magazines(AFTER A FASHION: KAYS CATALOGUE, MODERNISM AND FASHION PERSUASION, n.d.).

It is also important to analyze who is shown to have worn those clothes. The magazines show that successful people wear these clothes. Therefore, they are encouraging people to buy clothes if one wants to look a successful person. For instance, if any celebrity is photographed and shown aswearing a particular type of dress, then people who like her will also wear those clothes. In 1920, these magazines were very successful(AFTER A FASHION: KAYS CATALOGUE, MODERNISM AND FASHION PERSUASION, n.d.).

People judge others by the clothes worn by them. Whenever a person visits any place, he encounters many people with different hobbies and interest. One may guess their job nature and their hobbies and interests by analyzing the clothes they have worn.Moreover, the photograph of men wearing suit shows the importance of men wearing the suit(AFTER A FASHION: KAYS CATALOGER, MODERNISM AND FASHION PERSUASION, n.d.).

Kay catalogs show that people of the same class wear the same types of clothes.  IT also shows that the body matters in the selection of clothes to wear. For instance, the photograph “Ladies’ ready for service coats” show suits worn by the slim ladies. It also shows that men who do something good deserves to receive a good shirt. One of the pictures depicts that the taste has changed over time and people should buy new trends(AFTER A FASHION: KAYS CATALOGUE, MODERNISM AND FASHION PERSUASION, n.d.) .

Creative Writing in the digital age Case Solution

Left Brain, Right Brain, Right Shame

This lecture shows about the characteristics of two sides of the brain. Brain is divided into two sides like hemispheres joint by a corpus callosum that is a bundle of nerve fibers assist them to communicate with each other. Psychology argues that the certain functions of the brain are located in either left or right side of the brain. This theory was developed by Roger Sperry and Robert Ornstein that helps one to understand hispersonality, behavior and the ability to perform different tasks(LEFT BRAIN VS. RIGHT BRAIN TEACHING TECHNIQUES, 2011).

The left side of the brain is an analytical one as it recognizes the part that make up the whole. It processes in a linear and sequential manner andmoves from one point to the other in a step by step manner. It is very effective in encoding and decoding speech.On the contrary, the right one combines the parts that make up the whole. It analyzes patterns and recognizes their relationships. It does not move in a linear fashion instead process simultaneously.........................................

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