Creating Bold Innovation in Mature Markets Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

For several companies operating in mature markets, there are numerous sources of development open to them, which elucidates why establishing unique, outstanding products using a persuasive value proposition is so crucial. Yet company surveys reveal that daring initiation is down, while modifications and improvements to existing products are upward. This only functions to keep existing market share, rather than grow it.

To accomplish something in bigger, bolder innovation, five vectors are required to be in place: (I) encompassing an modernization strategy that centers your development efforts on opportunity-rich strategic stadium, similar to Corning and Apple had; (II) promoting the right climate and culture for improvement, driven by senior executive, as established at Grundfos and 3M; (III) setting up a positive idea generation, capture and managing system, as at Swarovski; (IV) having a next-generation, idea-to launch procedure designed to grip large, multifaceted and bold expansion initiatives, as at HP; and in conclusion, (V) using the right scheme selection methods, as at BASF and Procter & Gamble. Bold innovation is not easy, but it's not out of contact either. The examples and illustration supplied in this article model the technique.


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Creating Bold Innovation in Mature Markets

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