Eden Creations Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Marketing plan for the Eden Creations include:

Objective of the company

The main objective of the company is to develop an effective marketing plan that helps the Eden Creations to increase its customer base as well as maintain the successful position in the industry. Further, Melissa Jean owner of the company also wants to increase the profitability of the company in future years by improving marketing without having any affect to her teaching life.

Internal Analysis

Internal analysis of the Eden Creations includes the strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as the opportunities and threats that the company might face in order to be successful in the industry.


  • Jean has a good relationship with the bridal stores as well as with the Nicholas and Elizabeth Bridal.
  • Low prices of the products as compare to the other companies in the industry.
  • New designs and unique product offerings.
  • Jean’s working experience in the bridal shop.
  • Another strength of the Eden Creations is the ability to modify its products according to the taste of the clientele and customers.


  • Jean do all work by herself without any help
  • Inability to motive current retailers to reorder.
  • Lack of effective distribution and promotion strategies.
  • The company has the opportunity to develop the non-bridal jewelry.
  • She can also conduct private shows in her home as well as can also join the Greer Girls in their private parties.
  • Melissa Jean can also avail the opportunity to rent a vendor booth in the University Community Centre.
  • Other opportunities for the company include promoting the products in the bridal shows and also creating a website for product promotions.
  • The main threat for the company is the increase in competition from the chain and department stores.
  • No reordering of the products from the businesses.
  • Maintaining healthy work-life balance.





Target market

Target market of the Eden Creations should consist of the following:

Young brides in the bridge market

The main customer based segment that the company is currently targeting is the Young brides who are looking for the up-to-date designs at the reasonable price rather than searching for the traditional and highly expensive bridal jewelry. This market segment has a great potential that will help the company to increase its customer base as well as enhance its profitability.


Another target market that the company is presently targeting is the bridesmaids who are demanding the  jewelry package deals or they want new design jewelry that matches with their occasion theme.

Different cultural customer groups

Eden Creations should also need to target the different cultural customer groups that have different requirement regarding the style, features, color and pricing of the jewelry related products.

Young girls in the non-bride market place

Eden Creations should also need to target the customer based segment that is interested in buying the jewelry for special occasions. As, this group also has an ability to generate higher profit for the company as well as improve the customer base.

Marketing Mix


Eden Creations is currently making two kinds of products in their offerings. These two products are necklaces and earnings that are made with the combination of different materials such as fine pewter wire, beads, colored stones, genuine Swarovski crystals and synthetic pearls. But in order to increase the profitability, the company must expand its offerings that should include the rings, bracelets and watches. As, the introduction of these products will allow the company to appeal the larger audience by offering these products in a variety of new styles and colors.


Jeans has advertised her product offerings mainly to the customer group that is price sensitive. Eden Creations offered its product at the low prices. The current prices of the necklaces ranging from the $11 to $19.50 and the prices for the earring sets ranging from the $6 for both the bridal and bridesmaid. Melissa Jean should also include the high price products in order to attract those customers who are willing to pay high prices for high quality products. The price its necklaces for high price customers are from $25 to $43 and earring sets from $ 10 to $ 20. The pricing strategy that the company needs to follow is the price skimming strategy.......................

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Founder and owner of Eden Creations debut line manual specialty beaded jewelry were well received local industry bride, and several retailers throughout the region have been ordered. Now it needs to develop formal marketing plan to ensure the continued success of the company, before returning to her graduate studies. "Hide
by Elizabeth M. Grasby, Julie Harvey Source: Richard Ivey School of Business Foundation 11 pages. Publication Date: February 6, 2006. Prod. # 906A02-PDF-ENG

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