CLEAN BIRTH KIT: BUSINESS PLAN Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Clean Birth Kit: Business Plan Case Solution

Overview of the problem

            It has been found in many regions across the by the World Health Organization (WHO) that many women in underprivileged areas are suffering from many severe diseases and the death rate is also rising in these regions. Moreover, a major problem and the root cause of death is death during child birth due to unsanitary delivery conditions. Moreover, there are several regions which are facing the same problem but Afghanistan is found the second largest country facing the same problem. It has been noticed that it has the second highest mortality rate in the world as 1,600 per 100,000 live deliveries women die in the process. However, it has also been noted that a women dies every 28 minutes in the region due to uncertain birth conditions in the region. It has also been observed that only one third of the deliveries are delivered in a health care facility or hospital while the remaining deliveries are being delivered at residence. This problem is happening due to lack of the presence of hospitals. (Organization, 2016)

            Moreover, a major issue has been observed that these women die due to uncertain, unsanitary delivery conditions and majority of them also get infection and other diseases during their pregnancy. As a solution the author is introducing a business plan which will try to solve this problem and the bottom line of the business model will be to reduce the mortality rate of women in the Afghan region. Furthermore, the other objective of the business will be to provide job opportunity and training to women that how to live a safe and healthy life even during in pregnancy. (NCBI, 2016)

Vision of Clean Birth Kit (CBK)

            The bottom line of the business is to provide jobs and training to women in the Afghan region. Therefore, the vision of the company will be to provide the best training to women about pregnancy and to prevent from infections while the company will also create job opportunities for women in the region. Furthermore, the company will also try to reduce the mortality rate in the region. However, it has also been noticed that if the women successfully gives birth to a child in uncertain condition she successfully gets the first child but in majority of the cases they wouldn’t be able to get the second one due to the severe infections and unsanitary conditions. As a solution the company will provide a Clean Birth Kit (CBK) to solve the problem. Since majority of the deliveries are being delivered at home or residential places instead of hospitals and health care centers,therefore, the company will be able to get a substantial target market in the region however, the company will also be able to serve the women in this region. (UNICEF, 2016)

Solution of the Problem

            As it has been discussed earlier that the company will launch the CBK to solve the described problem, there will be several things included in the package which will include Clamp, Scalpel blade, a sterile surface, sterilizing hand wipes and medical gloves. In order to check the feasibility of the project, the analyst also made some research and found that this model is appropriate since, another company AYZH is also working on the similar business plan in India. The reason was same behind the launch of this business model. But there will a difference in this model and the Indian model which will be that the Indian business model is providing its product (Janma) to midwives and other businesses as well but our company will directly sell these goods to the government and other regulatory bodies related to healthcare.............

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