Teach Plus: Mobilizing a New Generation of Teacher Leaders Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

This case profiles evolution Teach In addition, non-profit organization founded on the premise that in order to state schools, to continuously improve the urban student achievement, learning should be a career that motivates and holds early career teachers. Teach Plus began as a pilot in the fall of 2007, launched Celine Coggins, a former teacher and labor, management consultant, and incubated at Rennie Center for Education Research and Policy in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In August 2009, Teach Plus became an independent 501 c3 with Coggins as CEO and Monique Burns Thompson, a social entrepreneur and former administrator of the school district as president. Since its inception, Teach Plus has demonstrated that his approach was effective in helping teachers understand and directly influence policy. Through T + network, learn Plus find evidence that the reform-minded teachers exist in large quantities throughout the urban school districts, and that many were willing to share their vision with the politicians. Thanks to the development of the public initiative twist School in Boston, teach Plus showed that teacher policy initiatives filled an important gap in the landscape of education reform. By mid-2011, to teach Plus has grown to a network of more than 3,500 reform-minded teachers in the five cities. While teaching Plus has reached significant proportions in the first 18 months of operation, it also faced a significant strategic challenge. Going forward, will teach Plus best solve their agenda as a "voice / protection" organizations or as a "teacher's turn" of the organization? "Hide
by David Thomas, Stephanie J. Creary Source: Harvard Business School 23 pages . Publication Date: July 21, 2011. Prod. #: 412027-PDF-ENG

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Teach Plus: Mobilizing a New Generation of Teacher Leaders

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