Coca Cola Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis


The paper attempts to describe in detail the 4 marketing mix of any one product of the Coca Cola Company, while making huge emphasis on the promotion of the plan the paper also attempts to illustrate the promotion plan by using AIDA, a marketing tool to further understand the promotion plan of the company’s products. Moreover, the paper also attempts to provide a promotional budget for the plan proposed to the company along with its implementation.

Brief Description of the Company

The Coca Cola Company started its inception in the year 1889 when John Pemberton invented Coke, the flagship of the brand. The product was intended for medicinal purposes; however, its further uses were exploited by the company. The company then formed a non-alcoholic beverage company (Pendegrast, 2013).

Identifying Target Market

The target market of Coca Cola consists of the dieters, who want to lose weight and are very much health conscious so they consume diet products such as Diet Coke. However, another target market for Coca Cola are those customers who are tough in their real life and consume different products of Coca Cola. In this paper, the health conscious segment of the customers shall be discussed (Pendegrast, 2013).

Set 3BL Marketing Goals

The 3 SMART goals of the company have been described below:

  • The first goal related to profit is that the company aims to achieve 20% growth in its dietary product
  • The second goal of the company is related to people which states that the company aims to make changes in the dietary products that shall improve the health of an individual instead of causing cancer.
  • The third goal of the company is related to the planet in which the company aims to achieve positive environmental impact improvements by limiting the intoxicants which are released during the production of its product.

Marketing Mix 3 P’s


The product that has been chosen form Coca Cola’s range of products include Diet Coke. The product is better than the rest of the competition and could be understood through the rankings of the most profitable beverage brands in the world where Diet Coke lies in third place. However, Diet Pepsi lies amongst the top ten most profitable brands very farther than the Diet Coke brand. The change that shall be made in the Diet Coke product includes the changing of perception regarding the Diet Coke product. Even though it is the third productive beverage according to its profitability, it is also considered by many as an unhealthy product which causes cancer among the individuals. This perception of the product needs to be changed as the product deserves to clinch the number one position better than its flagship product of the company. As there is a higher percentage of obese people in the United States which is mainly caused through the consumption of fast food products, the consumption of the Diet Coke product can create more influence regarding the fact that each individual wants to maintain their health and become health conscious.

Therefore, the profitability of the Diet Coke would have to exceed the expectations and it does not deserve to lie in the third ranking despite the fact that it is the need of millions of people around the United States.. In a study, it has been revealed that the consumption of Diet Coke after 10 to 15 years may raise a great toll because of the growing health concerns. Therefore, by looking at the current trends and growing health concerns, along with the desire of people to maintain their health, the Diet Coke may help to answer their building perception regarding the product’s health concerns. Therefore, it has become necessary for the Coca Cola Company to market its Diet Coke brand for the future market trends and to realize that the particular brand does not deserve a third position, as it aims to achieve the first position regarding the profitability of Diet Coke, and gaining a huge market share in the United States and around the world.


Coca Cola Company implements different pricing strategies for Diet Coke in different regions and countries. However, the pricing strategy for Diet Coke in the United States is competitive strategy which ensures that the price of Diet Coke is lower than its competitors or equal to its competitors........................

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