Li-Ning: Make The Change Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-5-0783 © 2012
Turpin, Dominique; Liu, Fang

In the year 2012, Li-Ning the leading Chinese sport company is confronting some intricacies in turning its vision to become the new Nike or Adidas into reality. In 2011, operating profits and annual sales had plunged drastically.

Adding to poor financial outcome, the firm faced high inventory levels, falling a major drop in share price and market share. Li-Ning, the creator, must take major steps to save the ailing firm. Learning objectives: International brand management, turnaround that is advertising and branding.

Subjects: Global brands; China; Sport; FMCG; Marketing turnaround Settings: China; Global ; Sports; FMCG ; Medium ; 2012 onwards

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Li-Ning: Make The Change

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