Disneyland Paris – Anno 2009 Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

IMD-4-0285 © 2009
Maznevski, Martha; Jonsen, Karsten

This case tracks from 2006 to 2009 in brief the story of Disneyland Paris. It follows up on the case “Disneyland Resort Paris: Mickey Goes. The case provides updated results and key figures and it illuminates some of the managerial efforts that resulted in profitability. The case highlights the challenges that lie ahead and also places Disneyland Paris in a new age.

Learning objectives: The Disneyland Paris case(s) can be used for teaching International Business, Human Resource Management and Strategy. It emphasizes the complexity of managerial challenges in a multicultural environment and also the relationship between government and private enterprise / regional development.

Subjects: International management; International business; Culture; Values; Globalization; Standardization vs. local adaptation; Strategy; Human resource management
Settings: Paris; France; Entertainment, Tourism; 14,000 employees; 2006 - 2009

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